Our International Faculty

 Prof. Dr. Irina Markovina (Russia)

Director of the Institute of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication. Subjects: Ethnopsycholinguistics, Introduction to Psycholinguistics

Professor Dr. Alfredo Ardila (Colombia)

Subject: Cross-Cultural Psychology

Associate Prof. Dr. Irina Ovchinnikova (Israel)

Subjects: Methods of Linguistic Research, International Semiotics

 Associate Prof. Dr. Istvan Lenart (Hungary)

Subjects: Theories of Intercultural Communication, Intercultural Business and Management

 Associate Prof. Dr. Alexandr Zaytsev (Russia)

Subjects: Academic Writing

Associate Prof. Dr. Nataliya Nikitina (Russia)

Subject: Russian Language and Culture

 Professor Dr. Tamas Gecso (Hungary)

Subjects: General Linguistics, Comparative Linguistics

Associate Professor Dr. Leandre Lucas (France)

Subjects: Russian Culture

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Russian Ethnopsycholinguistics

All linguists know how different the world may look through the prism of different languages. This difference sometimes makes us curious and attracted to an unknown culture, or may give ground to intercultural misunderstandings and miscommunication, or even complete failure. The cause of misunderstanding is the dissimilar cultural or ethnic-specific images of the world investigated by Russian Ethnopsycholinguistics since the early 1970s.

The program is implemented in cooperation with the Institute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Science, Department of Psycholinguistics. Students have the unique opportunity to gain first-hand information from founding Russian scholars in the field.

Based on the Theory of Linguistic Image of the World and the Lacuna Theory, students will develop their own effective communication strategies to overcome barriers in the path of mutual understanding and cooperation.  They will investigate cases from varying cross-cultural settings including professional fields such as business, medicine, law, mass media, and so on.


Brochure: "Psycholinguistics of Intercultural Communication"

Russian linguists

The curriculum heavily relies on the works of leading Russian psycholinguists: Aleksei Leont’ev, Juriy Sorokin, Evgeniy Tarasov, Natalia Ufimtseva, Irina Markovina and fellow researchers.

Sechenov University

Sechenov University is a leading Russian university, encompassing 8 faculties, 150 departments and 15.000 students. More info: www.sechenov.ru

Career opportunities

The program aims to train professionals to operate in an international context, in any field where intercultural skills are in demand. Graduates will be qualified for employment in the international job market in both public and private sector, including working for/in:

international organizations; public administration; education; multinational companiestrade; tourism; local and national governments; international research projects and other fields where intercultural sensitivity is a key requirement.

Gaining the Master’s Degree that focuses on Psycholinguistics of Intercultural Communication from Sechenov University may also serve as a springboard into further studies of Intercultural Communication and obtaining a Ph.D. degree (Candidate of Science in Linguistics) from the Institute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, opening an academic carrier for graduates.

Tuition fee

In the 2018/2019 academic year the tuition fee is 296.000 rubles (appr. 3.800 EUR)* per year, 592.000 rubles (appr. 7.800 EUR* for the 2-year program).**

*As of exchange rate on 01/Jun/2020: 77.6 RUB/EUR.

**The exact amount of the tuition fee is subject to change.

Please see the tuition fee of this and other programs of Sechenov University here:



Sechenov University offers reasonable priced accommodation for its students. Prices vary between 180-250 USD/month*, depending on the type of room and number of students per room. 

*Exact amount of the accommodation fee is subject to change, the final amount for the academic year 2020/2021 will be announced until 3O April 2o20.



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